Status of sent emails

What do the different statuses of the emails sent by the CRM mean?

The status "Sent" means that the email has been sent by the CRM.

Note: There is no technical solution with the email protocol to ensure that a message sent has been delivered to the recipient's inbox and not to a SPAM box for example. The CRM can only track email openings (see "Open" status below).
The status "Opened" means that the recipient of your message has opened the message. A tracking code contained in the email tells the CRM that the person has viewed the message. You also have the information that the message has arrived at its destination and that the email has been opened.
The status "Not sent" means that the message is not correctly sent. Many problems can cause this error, such as an invalid email address, a full contact email box or an attachment that is too large for example. When you move your mouse over it, an error is often displayed to help you solve the problem. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact our support team to help you in your search.
The status "In queue" is displayed for new emails waiting to be sent. This means that the CRM is trying to send your email or is scheduled to send it soon.

Note: Depending on the amount of emails to be sent, and to avoid them being considered as spam, emails should sometimes be queued and sent with a certain delay.
The status "Partially sent" means that your email contains several recipients, some with the status "Sent" and others with the status "Not sent". You can see the details of this sending by clicking on the email in question.
The "Delivered" status only concerns messages sent before February 2020. It is a status that is kept only for old messages as a history.